Mitigating Business Risk

Brexit and Contracts

Reviewing your contracts before the end of the transition period lets you stay ahead of events. Tariffs might be imposed; exchange rates might be volatile. Prior contractual adjustments spare you the need to rely on force majeure clauses. Contract clauses can become ambiguous: How should a reference to the EU or a piece of EU legislation be interpreted post withdrawal? The mutual enforcement of judgments might be impeded.

In corporate law, Brexit might – after the end of the transition period – lead to new barriers to cross‑​border trade. It might become more troublesome for corporations founded as a Ltd. under British law to rely on the freedom of establishment. Vice versa, the future of corporations in the legal form of a SE residing in the UK might have to be adjusted to avoid any impediments to their activities.

We have strong ties to the United Kingdom. With our London office we are active in the UK market for more than a decade now. This as well as our close collaboration with the British law firm Womble Bond Dickinson allows us to assist our clients comprehensively.

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