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Born in Hilden in 1992. Studied law at the University of Bayreuth and the Rheinische Friedrich‑​Wilhelms‑​University of Bonn 2018 first, 2023 second state law examination. 2022 Doctorate under Prof. Dr. Klaus Ferdinand Gärditz at the Rheinische Friedrich‑​Wilhelms‑​University Bonn on a topic in European law.

After the first state examination, work as a research assistant at an international business law firm in tax law and as a research assistant at a major international law firm in labor law.

Legal clerkship at the Regional Court of Bonn with stations at the Federal Institute for Vocational Training and a major international law firm in the field of international and national labor law.

2023 Entry into the law firm.


Labor and service contract law

Advising national and international companies on all matters of individual and collective employment law, including representation in court. Drafting of service and employment contracts. Clients are public employers, church and charitable employers, companies and individuals.


Geuenich, M. and Rbib, A. Verwaltungsregeln für die (digitale) Kassenprüfung vor Ort. In: NWB Steuer- und Wirtschaftsrecht 2018, p. 2724.


German, English, Spanish

Dr Abdelkader Rbib

Dr Abdelkader Rbib

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