Aleksandar E. Todorov



Born 1988 in Varna. Studied law and legal clerkship in Munich. First state examination in law in 2015, second in 2017.

Since 2018 lawyer in a large law firm for energy and infrastructure law.

2019 Joined the law firm.


Environmental and planning law, public building law, development of building land, conversion of real estate, permit law, urban development contracts, spatial planning and planning approval procedures, municipal commercial law.

Legal representation of a municipality in the context of defending a popular lawsuit against a development plan; advice and support of municipalities in the preparation of development plans; legal representation of a wind energy operator in various proceedings in connection with the granting of a permit under immission control law, in particular on issues of noise immissions and species protection; advice and support of municipalities in the preparation of development contracts.


Reicherzer, M., Todorov, A. E. and Arenz, L. Wenn der Rotmilan kommt – rote Zahlen für den Windpark? In: NVwZ 2020, p. 1165 ff.


German, English, Bulgarian

Aleksandar E. Todorov

Aleksandar E. Todorov

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