Dr Christian Hirzebruch


Born 1987 in Bonn. Studied law at the Rheinische‐Friedrich‐Wilhelms University of Bonn. Legal clerkship at the Regional Court of Bonn with stations at a broadcasting company, a major German law firm and at the Administrative Court of Cologne. First state examination in law in 2013, second in 2018.

2013 to 2017 research associate with the firm. 2013 to 2014 research assistant at the Chair of Public Law of Prof Dr Stefan Haack and 2014 to 2016 at the Gottfried‐Meulenbergh Endowed Chair of Public Law, in particular the property right of Prof Dr Foroud Shirvani. 2017 Doctorate with Prof Dr Stefan Haack.

Joined the firm in 2018.


Environmental law, public construction and planning law.

Member of the administrative law working group of the German Bar Association (DAV) – North Rhine‑​Westphalia chapter, member of the Bonn Bar Association.

Lecturer in public building law at the Münster University of Applied Sciences

Providing legal advice and serving as legal counsel for the operator of a recycling plant for construction waste, road construction waste and excavation waste on issues of immission control law and construction planning law; Providing legal advice to a company specialising in the galvanisation of steel on issues of incident law within the scope of a public participation to a project in the neighbourhood; Providing legal advice regarding to the planning approval for the new construction of a high‑​voltage‑​line; advising and acting as counsel for enterprises in the chemicals, metal producing and metal processing industries on specific projects; Providing legal advice and acting as counsel for municipalities, developers, project developers and residents on an ongoing basis in all areas of public construction law and ongoing support in building regulations approval and pre construction enquiry procedures.


Publications on public law



German, English

Dr Christian Hirzebruch

Dr Christian Hirzebruch

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