Christoph Schoppe



Born 1990 in Wernigerode. Studied philosophy‑​neuroscience‑​cognition in Magdeburg – Bachelor of Arts 2011. Studied law at Humboldt University Berlin, first state examination in 2016, second state examination in 2020. Between 2011 and 2016 research assistant at the German Bundestag. Between 2016 and 2018 working as office manager and personal assistant of a member of the Bundestag. Between 2018 and 2020 employed as a research assistant at a major international law firm.

Legal clerkship at the Berlin Court of Appeal with stations at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and at Deutsche Bahn, among others.

Joined the law firm in 2021.


Public procurement law, public commercial law

Providing advice and acting as legal counsel to public contracting authorities and bidders in connection with various VgV and VOB/​A award procedures as well as review procedures. Advising municipal public contracting authorities on the tendering of construction and planning services. Advising bidders on the assessment of the legality of award procedures. Comprehensive advice on public procurement law to a foundation in the process of being established for the design of a publicly funded market ramp‑​up mechanism for green hydrogen. Advising a municipal economic development and urban development company with regard to its status as a public contracting authority. Advising a digital medicine start‑​up on public procurement law issues in the cooperation with statutory health insurers in the field of developing digital health applications. Advising a large public IT service provider on the in‑​house capability of certain contracting constellations between different publicly funded IT service providers. Advising a state ministry on the possibility of an in‑​house arrangement without procurement law for certain cooperation models in the context of the ongoing (OZG) digitisation of the administration. Advising a globally active full‑​service IT provider on the possibility or admissibility under public procurement law of a direct award by public contracting authorities to the client. Advising a municipality on the obligation to put the construction of a swimming pool out to tender.


Ganske, M. and Schoppe, Chr. Unterjährige Verbrauchsinformation (uVI) um jeden Preis? Zum Bestehen von Ausnahmen der „uVI‑​Pflicht“ für Walk‑​By‑ und Drive‑​By‑​Bestandsanlagen im Rahmen der novellierten Heizkostenverordnung. In: Die Heizkostenabrechnung 2021, Nr. 11-12, p. 41 ff.


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Christoph Schoppe

Christoph Schoppe

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