Dr Marei Verena Wilfert


Born in Hilden in 1988. Studied law in Bonn. 2012 first State examination, 2018 second State examination. 2012‐2016 scientific assistant with the institute for public law of Bonn University and wit a Bonn law firm. 2016 doctoral thesis with Prof Dr Klaus F. Gärdtz, Bonn, supported by the DFG and awarded the Konrad Redeker Prize.

Trainee lawer stations among others with the head office of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin and with an international commercial law firm in Düsseldorf.

Joined the firm in 2018.


Press and statements law, broadcasting law, freedom of information law, new media law, media constitutional law

Representation of broadcasting corporations in proceedings concerning the law on public statements, advice and representation of affected parties (companies and individuals) in media enquiries and reports, advice and representation of public institutions in connection with requests for information under press law and applications under the Freedom of Information Acts of the Federation and the Länder, advice and representation of various state media corporations in matters of broadcasting regulation and the protection of minors from harmful media.


Strafe und Strafgesetzgebung im demokratischen Verfassungsstaat : der Einfluss des grundgesetzlichen Demokratieprinzips auf Straftheorie und Strafgesetzgebung am Beispiel ausgewählter Staatsschutzdelikte.



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Dr Marei Verena Wilfert

Dr Marei Verena Wilfert

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