Dr Raphael Beermann


Born 1984 in Warendorf. Studied law in Osnabrück and Budapest. Legal Traineeship at the Higher Regional Court of Berlin. 2009 first State examination, 2015 second State examination. 2009‐2012 research assistant at the European Legal Studies Institute (ELSI) at the University of Osnabrück (Prof Dr Dr h. c. mult Christian von Bar). 2015 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Schmidt‐Kessel at the University of Bayreuth.

2015‐2017 worked in a law firm in Essen in the fields of commercial law and litigation.

Joined the firm in 2018.


Commercial law, contract law, litigation.

Civil and commercial law advice and procedural representation of national and international companies, policy‑​related institutions, federal institutions and research institutions; ongoing contract law advice and contract drafting for a large European financing institution; advice to a public corporation at federal level on legal forms to promote sea rescue and related liability issues at national and international level; advice and representation of English companies from the insurance and retail sectors on Brexit as well as contract and corporate law issues.


German, English

Dr Raphael Beermann

Dr Raphael Beermann

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