Prof Dr Frank Meyer, LL.M. (Yale)
Of Counsel

Born in Lübeck in 1975. Studied law in Hamburg. 2000 first State examination, 2002 doctoral degree, 2004 second State examination. Research assistant to Prof Dr Gerhard Fezer, University of Hamburg, 2000‐2003. Master of Laws (LL.M.) at Yale Law School and research assistant to Prof Dr Damaska, Yale Law School, in 2005. Senior research fellow at Max Planck Institute for foreign and international criminal law, Freiburg, 2006‐2008. DFG‐funded research project on “Legitimacy of Criminal Lawmaking by International Organizations” at the chair of Prof Dr Martin Böse, Bonn University, 2008‐2011.Habilitation in Bonn, 2011. Professor for criminal law and law of criminal procedure, including international criminal law, at Zurich University.

Joined the firm in 2008.

Criminal law (white collar crime, foreign trade‐related and general criminal law, US criminal law, European criminal law, international judicial assistance in criminal matters)

Numerous publications criminal law and criminal procedure, European and international criminal law as well as comparative law

Languages spoken: German, English.

Prof Dr Frank Meyer, LL.M. (Yale)


Prof Dr Frank Meyer, LL.M. (Yale)
Professor at Zürich Univerity
Of Counsel

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