Dr Christian Johann

Born in Hamburg in 1975. Legal studies at the Universities of Jena, Kiel and Leiden, the Netherlands, 1996‐2003. 2003 first State examination, 2008 second State examination. Research assistant with the institute for public law/international law of Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg, 2003‐2006. Research assistant with the firm in 2008. 2011 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Andreas Zimmermann, Kiel/Potsdam.

Joined the firm in 2009.

Constitutional law, State aid, European and public international law, State liability law.

Member of the German Branch of the International Law Association (ILA).

Publications on public international law, State liability law, and State aid law. Co‐author of Karpenstein/Mayer, ECHR and Birnstiel/Bungenberg/Heinrich, European State aid law.

Languages spoken: German, English.


Dr Christian Johann

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