Dr Christian Zeissler

Born in Troisdorf in 1981. Studied law in Cologne. 2007 first State examination, 2010 second State examination. Assistant at the seminar for State philosophy and legal policy of Cologne University with Prof Dr Depenheuer, 2004‐2008. 2010 research assistant in a commercial law firm. 2013 Doctoral thesis on pollution control law with Prof Dr Jarass, University of Münster.

Joined the firm in 2010

Environmental law (esp. pollution control, water, soil protection, and mining law), public building and planning law (esp. in the area of urban land‐use planning, wind energy, and retail).

Member of the administrative law working group of the German Bar Association (DAV) – North Rhine‐Westphalia chapter, of Gesellschaft für Umweltrecht e.V., and of the legal committee of the Engineering Technology Association on Brownfield Management (ITVA).

Lecturer on environmental law at Bonn‐Rhein‐Sieg University of Applied Sciences.

Lectures and publications on public construction law and environmental law.

Languages spoken: German, English.


Dr Christian Zeissler
Specialist lawyer for administrative law

Willy‐Brandt‐Allee 11
53113 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 72625‐177
Fax: +49 228 72625‐99




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