Dr Han‐Wei Jung
Of Counsel

Born in Mainz in 1980, raised in Taiwan. Studied law in Bonn. 2006 first State examination, 2011 second State examination. Research assistant with an international business law firm in Cologne (antitrust law and M&A). 2007‐2011 research assistant with Prof Böse, Bonn (criminal law, criminal procedure law, international and European criminal law). 2011 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Herdegen, Bonn.

Joined the law firm in 2012.

Public com­mercial law, constitutional law, Eu­ro­pean Union and interna­tional law, com­mercial and corporate law.

2012‐2013 visiting professor at Nanjing University, China. 2014‐2015 visiting professor at Jilin University.Member of the Bonn academy for research and teaching of practical politics.

Languages spoken: German, English, Chinese.


Dr Han‐Wei Jung
Of Counsel

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