Dr Max Putzer

Born in Munich in 1983. Studied law at Humboldt University in Berlin. 2008 first State examination, 2015 second State examination. Trainee lawyer at the Kammergericht among others with station at the Federal Constitutional Court. 2008/09 Foreign Legal Clerk with the Israel Supreme Court, Jerusalem. Between 2009 and 2013 research assistant first with the chair for public and EU law (Prof Dr Christian Calliess), later with the chair for criminology and penal law (Prof Dr Klaus Hoffmann‐Holland) at Freie Universität Berlin. 2015 doctoral thesis on constitutional law with Prof Calliess.

Joind the firm in 2015.

Environmental law, public building and planning law, constitutional law.

Publications on constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, and criminal proceedings law.

Languages spoken: German, English, French.


Dr Max Putzer

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