Christina Schmidt

Born in Bonn in 1988. Studied law in Potsdam. 2014 first State examination, 2016 second State examination. 2011‐2014 scientific activities with the chair for criminal law, in particular commercial criminal law, of Prof Dr Hellmann. 2014 cand jur with the Research Service of the German Bundestag. Trainee stations among others with the Federal Constitutional Court and with the penal law departments of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.

Joined the firm in 2017.

Criminal law (commercial, tax, environmental, corruption, and general), appeals, preventive counsel of businesses.

Member of the criminal law working group of the Germa Lawyers' Association and of the commercial criminal law association (WisteV).

Publications on commercial criminal law.

Languages spoken: German, English.

Christina Schmidt


Christina Schmidt

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