Wolfgang Kreysing
Senior Associate

Born in Gelsenkirchen in 1966. Studied law in Bonn. 1994 first State examination, 2000 second State examination. Research assistant at the Institute for Public Law at the University of Bonn, 1995‐1999.

Joined the firm in 2000.

Litigation, private and commercial tenancy and leasehold law, residential property law, complementary areas of real estate law (acquisition, use and enjoyment of real estate), contract law.

Member of the tenancy law and real estate working group of the German Bar Association. Lecturer on commercial tenancy law in the master's course on construction law during the life cycle of buildings at the technical college of Münster.

Languages spoken: German, English.

Wolfgang Kreysing


Wolfgang Kreysing
Senior Associate
Specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

Willy‐Brandt‐Allee 11
53113 Bonn
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