Prof Dr Konrad Redeker †

Born in Mülheim an der Ruhr in 1923. Studied law in Hamburg. 1949 first State examination, 1953 second State examination. 1951 doctoral degree with Prof von Laun.

Lawyer since 1954, joined the practice of Prof Dr Hans Dahs as partner.

Constitutional and parliamentary law, administrative law, public commercial law, law governing professional services, medical and social law.

Honorary professor for public law at the University of Bonn since 1978, honourable member of the Deutscher Juristentag e.V. (German Law Conference), president of the respective Law Conferences in 1968 and 1970, honourable member of the German Bar Association, Vice President of the German Bar Association 1971‐1981.

Numerous publications, co‐editor of the commentary Redeker/von Oertzen, VwGO (up to 12th edition), co‐editor of the NJW (1973‐2003) and of the publication series NJW (1969‐2008).

Listed as one of the best lawyers in public law (2009‐2013) by Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers and Lawyer of the Year (2012). Bearer of the Hans Dahs medal (1985).