Data breaches, environmental damage, accidents at work and antitrust violations can plunge companies into serious crises. The consequences are substantial financial losses and reputational damage putting the existence of companies at stake.

We advise companies, associations, and organisations on all matters relating to compliance – be it in response to an incident or to proactively safeguard the company. One of our greatest strengths is our extensive experience with complex corporate organisations, with managerial responsibilities, and with internal investigations and audits – covering all other relevant areas of the law, such as commercial law. Our compliance specialists are experts in comprehensive crisis response and proactive audits and we even have certified compliance officers/​auditors amongst our lawyers. Depending on our clients’ individual needs, we put together tailored teams of specialised lawyers from the key areas of commercial law. In criminal and non‑​compliance proceedings and in proceedings before regulators, we put together dedicated defence teams and witness assistants. We have an excellent network of external specialists such as IT forensics and eDiscovery consultants, experts, PR consultants, crisis communicators and change management experts. We are dedicated to successfully preventing any crisis from putting the existence of your organisation and its leaders at stake.

Our industry experience

  • Automotive industry
  • Construction and real estate industry
  • Digitisation and information technology
  • Energy and mineral resources
  • Research and science
  • Healthcare
  • Trade and distribution
  • Industrial production
  • Public sector bodies
  • Regulated industries

+ Broadcasting, media and publishers

  • Banks and insurance
  • Transport and infrastructure

Our areas of practice

  • Advice on legal violations in companies, environmental damage, product damage and recalls, accidents at work, data protection incidents, antitrust violations, fraud against the company or customers, corruption
  • Supervision and representation in regulatory proceedings, antitrust, criminal and administrative proceedings
  • Implementation or monitoring of internal investigations
  • Advice on the enforcement or defence against recourse claims
  • Introduction, review and optimisation of a proper business organisation and compliance management systems (according to DIN EN ISO 19600/TÜV TR CMS 101:2015 and others)
  • Proactive advice on legislative changes (“horizon scanning”) and changes to business purposes
  • Training courses and workshops for managers, executives, employees, supervisory board members


In the field of compliance, we advise industrial companies and service providers such as banks and insurance companies, business associations and public authorities and institutions, their managers, executives and supervisory board members.

Selected credentials: Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG; Momentive Performance Materials GmbH; Raiffeisen goods headquarters; query is still in the practice group

¹ With regard to our commitment to professional discretion, the list of credentials is restricted to representation cases published by the courts/that are public knowledge (section 43a (2) of BRAO

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