Energy and Natural Ressources

The energy industry is one of the main pillars of every industrialised nation and a functioning energy supply is indispensable for economy and social life. In order to continue to fulfil its function, the energy market is undergoing constant change, forcing all those involved to adjust to the new requirements.

We advise companies in the energy market and federal and regional authorities on all legal issues relating to energy and natural resources, including:

  • Renewable energy sources – hydropower, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, bioenergy
  • Conventional energy sources – natural gas and coal
  • Nuclear energy and nuclear waste management
  • Planning and authorisation procedures – onshore and offshore power plants and lines – electricity, gas, heat
  • Power plant and other plant construction
  • CO2 storage (CCS technology)
  • Emissions trading
  • Large mining projects – regional planning, operational planning, land cession, transfer of possession of land
  • Public procurement and contracts, in particular concessions
  • Energy law, constitutional law, state aid and antitrust

    Our law firm is long recognised as one of Germany’s leading law firms regarding energy and natural resources.

Our specialised team of lawyers combines extensive experience with an in‑​depth understanding of the regulatory framework. Clients benefit from our lawyers’ excellence in litigation. Our long track record in energy law cases covers all national courts in all instances, including the German federal constitutional court and the European Union courts. 

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