Being one of the leading law firms of Germany, we are also dedicated to training young talents and offer ongoing vocational training opportunities for lawyers.

More than one quarter of our lawyers have lectureships at more than ten universities and academies in total. In addition to transferring academic knowledge, they share valuable experiences from their daily legal work. This way we help improve the current standard of education in order to advance the quality of legal work.

Bartholomäus Aengenvoort

Lecturer for real estate law at the Münster University of Applied Sciences.

Dr Cornelius Böllhoff

Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the University of Halle‑​Wittenberg on data protection and digitalisation law.

Prof Dr Peter‑​Andreas Brand

Honorary professor at Humboldt University Berlin on German, European and International law of civil procedure, conflict of laws and litigation.

Dr Frank Fellenberg, LL.M. (Cambridge)

Lecturer at Freie Universität Berlin.

Markus Frank

Lecturer for private building law at the University of Marburg; lecturer in a master course for building law at the University of Applied Sciences Münster.

Prof Dr Andreas Frieser

Speaker of the Civil Law Section of the 68th German Lawyers' Conference. Honorary Professor at the Ruhr‑​University Bochum.

Dr Matthias Ganske

Lecturer at Bonn University. Frequently lectures within the scope of specialist lawyer courses for construction and architects' law as well as administrative law. Frequent lecturer and speaker on procurement law and administrative law.

Dr Heike Glahs

Regularly lectures on public procurement law and teaches construction and architectural law at professional legal courses and at the Münster University of Applied Sciences.

Pascal Göpner

Lecturer in master craftsperson courses at the NRW Training Center of the Construction Industry.

Jessica Magdalena Graeber

2022 Lecturer in administrative offences law at the University of Police and Public Administration NRW, Duisburg location.

Axel Groeger

Lecturer in labour law for the German Lawyers Academy (DAA) and the German Lawyers Institute (DAI).

Dr Clemens Holtmann

Lecturer at the TU Berlin on European State Aid Law/​Energy Law.

Philipp Hummel

Lecturer for building and architectural law, lecturer at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences in the field of architecture, regular lectures, e. g. at IBR seminars.

Daniel Hürter

Head of trainee work groups at the Regional Court of Cologne. Lecturer in building contract law in the MBE construction operations // management / processes / technology of Bergische Universität Wuppertal.

Dr Lars Klein

Lecturer on construction law at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

Eugen Kunz

Lecturer at the Cologne Rhenish University of Applied Sciences (Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH)) for International Business Law in the studies program Business and Industrial Engineering II (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen II).

Gernot Lehr

Teaches media law at Bonn University and at the University of Mainz.

Alexander Leidig

Lecturer at the Philipps‐University Marburg in the LL.M.‐course Building Law and Construction Supervision and a lecturer at the Federal University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in the Department of Civil Law.

Prof Dr Heiko Lesch

Appointed professor at the University of Bonn in 2003.

Dr Jan Mädler

Regular lecturer and speaker on public procurement law topics both in the area of training and further education (inter alia in the specialist lawyers' course on public procurement law and in various courses of study) as well as at specialist conferences and in practitioners' seminars.

Dieter Merkens

Lecturer at the University of Marburg. Lecturer in property and civil law. Lecturer at the Bonn Regional Court for “Referendararbeitsgruppen”.

Prof Dr Burkhard Messerschmidt

Teaches construction and architectural law at the professional school of Bochum.

Prof Dr Bernd Müssig

Appointed extraordinary professor at the Rheinische Friedrich‐Wilhelm‐Universität in Bonn in 2009.

Dr Sophia Pommer

Lecturer in municipal tax law at the German Lawyers' Academy (DAA).

Dr Cornel Potthast, LL.M.

Lecturer at the Ruhr‑​University Bochum.

Prof Dr Olaf Reidt

Honorary professor at Humboldt University Berlin on administrative law.

Dr Marco Rietdorf

Lecturer at the German Lawyers' Academy (DAA) and at vhw – Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung e. V. (Federal Association for Housing and Urban Development).

Prof Dr Wolfgang Roth, LL.M. (Michigan)

Appointed professor at the University of Mannheim in 2004.

Dr Roya Sangi, Máster en Filosofía Política

Lecturer at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg (“General Theory of State Constitutional Law”).

Dr Lukas Schefer

Head of criminal law working groups for trainee lawyers.

Dr Gernot Schiller

Lecturer with the Technical University in Berlin.

Prof Dr Alexander Schink

Lecturer at TU Berlin and RWTH Aachen University.

Dr Alexander Schüßler

Regular lectures and seminars in the field of construction and architectural law.

Dr Sebastian Steinbarth, LL.M.

Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Albert‐Ludwigs‐Universität Freiburg.

Dr Thomas Stickler

Lecturer at the Münster University of Applied Sciences.

Prof Thomas Thierau

Honorary professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster.

Stefan Tysper

Specialist lawyer lecturer of DeutscheAnwaltAkademie. Lecturer at the Hagen Law School – specialist lawyer courses (iuria GmbH).

Florian van Schewick

Regular lectures and lecturers on current topics of product, environmental and construction law, including the corresponding compliance requirements.

Dr Michael Winkelmüller

2006‐2014 lecturer for administrative procedural law and public economic law at the German Lawyers' Academy, teaching at the European Summer Academies of the Gustav Stresemann Institute Bonn e. V. in Bonn, Brussels, and Luxembourg since 1998; 2010‑2015 trainer at IBR Seminare, Mannheim. In house seminars for companies, associations, and institutions.

Dr Jakob Wulff

Lecturer on civil law, commercial and corporate law in the master's course on construction law during the life cycle of buildings at the technical college of Münster.

Dr Gero Ziegenhorn

Lecturer for data protection law at the FernUniversität in Hagen.