Brussels is where Europe gets together. This is the starting point, the regulatory pulse of Europe, radiating out to set the rules for the Internal Market. Established in 2003, our Brussels office carries to the European level a tradition that began back in Bonn and Berlin: offering expert legal advice at the nexus of government and market supervisory authorities. In Brussels, our firm is sought out for its expertise in EU competition law (state aid, anti‑​trust, merger control), for its attorneys well‑​versed in the EU Internal Market and general European law, anti‑​dumping, the World Trade Organization WTO and regulatory law. Our lawyers are reputed for their wealth of experience in advising and counselling clients before the EU Commission and the Union courts in Luxembourg. Our web of close ties with Belgian and international law firms affords us the agility and flexibility to tailor our services to perfectly align with the needs of clients on any and all international issues.


172, Av. de Cortenbergh
1000 Brussels
T +32 2 74003‐20
F +32 2 74003‐29

  • If you travel by car: Please note that Brussels has established a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) as of 01/10/2018. Every vehicle entering Brussels is electronically registered by camera. For Belgian license plates, it will be automatically verified whether the EURO class requirements are met. Such automatic assignment is currently not possible for foreign license plates. For this reason, a prior online registration is necessary. The registration takes only a few steps. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard. The German stickers indicating the EURO class do not apply in Belgium. In case of non‑​compliance with the registration obligation, fines may be imposed (€ 150).