Intellectual property and information technology

Competition shapes the markets: at local and at global level. Competition is subject to a vast array of rules, observance of which is safeguarded by competition law. It applies to the entire spectrum of market activities and relations, ranging from product and services advertising to relationships among competitors and with other market participants.

Competition disputes often involve infringements of intellectual property. In today's competitive and knowledge‑​based markets, companies depend on the force and security of their intellectual property. Intellectual property and know‑​how are the creative capital of companies. We know how important it is to protect that capital.

Combining specialist knowledge with extensive experience, we help our clients comply with competition and antitrust rules and help them protect, maximise, and monetise their technology and intellectual property.

Our practice areas

  • Competition / Antitrust
  • Industrial and intellectual property /​IP (trademarks and copyrights, patent designs, utility models, patents)
  • IT and new media

Competition law

We advise companies and associations on any type of unfair commercial practices such as comparative advertising, deception, counterfeiting, solicitation of personnel or price dumping. We advise on the sponsorship, advertising, competitions and other special forms of promotion. We check advertising and advertising claims for their eligibility and are there to assist if competitors act unlawfully.

Industrial property rights/​IP

We protect and defend your intellectual property, help you find available brands and business names, and manage your brand portfolio. We design and negotiate trademarks, copyrights, technology, know‑​how and invention contracts. Our expert team provides regular support in the areas:

  • resolution of trademark, copyright, design and other IP infringements,
  • appeal and authorisation disputes before German and EU courts and patent offices,
  • cross‑​border disputes,
  • trade mark and intellectual property searches and analyses,
  • registration and monitoring of intellectual property rights worldwide,
  • development of strategies to combat infringements and counterfeiting for brand manufacturers.

IT law and new media

Efficient information technologies are crucial in competition. We advise our clients on the following rapidly evolving areas of information technology:

  • Structuring and negotiation of complex IP transactions, including licencing agreements, research and development agreements, cooperation agreements, technology joint ventures, and strategic alliances, etc.;
  • Procurement and licencing of IT enterprise systems and services,
  • Cloud‑​based solutions and Software‑​as‑​a‑​Service (“SaaS”) agreements,
  • eCommerce, online services and related regulatory requirements.

Our strengths

  • Highly skilled lawyers and a broad network of patent attorneys in Germany, the EU and the USA,
  • Active national and international litigation practice,
  • Globally managed brand portfolios,
  • Experience in dealing with IP transactions in a wide range of industries, including IT and automotive,
  • Experience with the technology issues of a wide range of clients, including insurance, retail and consumers, healthcare, public sector and education.


Domestic and foreign companies of all sizes from listed companies to Internet start‑​ups, advertising agencies, Internet providers, government agencies, ministries and other public bodies, associations and private customers.

Our clients come from virtually all sectors, though primarily from the automotive, pharmaceuticals, retail and wholesale sectors, e‑​commerce, regulated and deregulated markets sectors.

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