Independent professions

A comprehensive view of professional law

Independent professions often involve demanding jobs, requiring special skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. Independent professionals are subject to rigorous laws and professional regulations. Whilst most independent professionals would prefer to concentrate on their jobs and their clients, the occasional brush with the legal aspects of the profession can often not be avoided, whether it concerns admission to the profession, licences, fees, or the actual nature of the professional activity. Our firm steps in when things get serious, supporting professionals with expert legal advice, foresight and a creative approach.

What sets us apart is our own professional expertise, a pragmatic and constructive approach and our proven judicial expertise in disputes.

We strive for amicable solutions and have years of experience in representing applicants to and members of the profession before all instances of the specialised courts, in constitutional court proceedings, before chambers and other supervisory authorities.

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Areas of focus include:

  • Professional admission, admission to SHI‑​accredited medical care, withdrawal and revocation of admission,
  • Professional partnerships, including corporate law and shareholder disputes,
  • Violations of professional obligations, exclusion from the profession,
  • Competitor dispute proceedings, in particular concerning notarial positions,
  • Specialist titles, professional advertising,
  • Disciplinary proceedings,
  • Collection of contributions.


We advise and represent members of all independent professions – above all doctors, lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, architects and engineers – as well as professional chambers and pension funds.

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