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The Konrad Redeker Foundation

In 2003 the firm founded the Konrad‐Redeker‐Stiftung, in order to support legal sciences and research.

Who do we support and how do we support them?

The Konrad‐Redeker‐Stiftung offers support and assistance to authors of legal texts (including doctoral and post‐doctoral students) at the Rheinische Friedrich‐Wilhelm‐Universität in Bonn and the Humboldt‐Universität in Berlin. First and foremost support and assistance is given to the authors of legal texts dealing with legislative policy, constitutional law, and administrative law, and the law of the legal profession.

Support is offered inter alia in the form of grants and the payment of printing costs.


Please send your application to the Konrad‐Redeker‐Stiftung. The application should contain:

  • a summary of your research plan
  • the planned duration of your project
  • an explanation of why you need the grant
  • a letter of endorsement by at least one member of the relevant faculty.

Applicants should be prepared to deliver reports on the progress of their research at regular intervals. It is important for us to be in direct contact with the recipients of our grants also whilst the research is being completed.

Liaison lecturers:

  • Prof Dr Dr Wolfgang Durner, LL.M., Friedrich Wilhelm University Bonn
  • Prof Dr Christian Waldhoff, Humboldt University Berlin

Board member:

Apply to:

Willy‐Brandt‐Allee 11
53113 Bonn