Gambling, Leisure, and Sport

Our expertise in gaming law is unmatched

We are unparalleled experts in gaming law: sports betting, gaming halls, online games, lotteries or commercial gaming brokers. Like no other law firm in Germany, we have won almost all leading cases in this field and advise and represent the largest market players and associations in all gaming sectors on all aspects of gaming law. We have established networks within the industry and are closely connected with the relevant authorities. In legal proceedings, our cli‑​ents benefit from decades of forensic competence that we acquired before the European and national courts. Our expert team of lawyers combines a high degree of specialisation, knowledge of the industry and outstanding legal expertise.

Our clients are comprised of gaming corporations, sports betting providers, amusement arcade companies, manufacturers of gaming equipment as well as sports clubs and media groups. Market leaders rely on our competence as do start‑​ups and medium‑​sized enterprises. We ad‑​vise and represent our clients in and out of court and give expert opinions.

Our core competencies cover:

  • Warnings and interlocutory injunctions,
  • Building permits and prohibitions of use,
  • Compliance,
  • Data protection law,
  • Financing and banking supervision,
  • M&A,
  • Authorisation and licensing procedures,
  • Orders and coercive measures,
  • Litigation,
  • Legislative procedures,
  • Sports law,
  • Sports betting and amusement taxes,
  • Criminal proceedings and fines.
  • Constitutional and Union law,
  • Advertising and sponsoring,
  • Acquisition and construction of sports facilities.

We also have an extensive track record in the sports sector, e. g. sports clubs and associations, where many of our cases are at the interface of various areas of the law, such as the law on associations, contracts, damages and arbitration law, commercial law, antitrust law, and EU fundamental freedoms and rights.

Our clients value our forward‑​looking, strategic and tailor‑​made legal advice as well as our profound forensic experience. We combine scientific depth with a high level of creativity and industry knowledge. This is backed up by our ability to put together highly efficient and dedi‑​cated multidisciplinary teams at short notice.

We are a strong partner. Talk to us.

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