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We cover the full range of press law and freedom of speech, providing legal advice from the run‑​up to a report, through intensive support in answering media enquiries, to measures to protect clients before or after an article damaging your reputation and/​or your business has been published.

Our lawyers are fully committed to our clients whether in court or on an ad hoc basis in the event of a “media crisis” when comprehensive advice and assistance is required. Working with our clients on the basis of a quick and careful analysis of the facts of the case we decide together how to best defend our clients’ interests. If the situation so requires, we work overnight.

We also represent broadcasters who are exposed to legal attacks on their journalistic activities and advise production companies on legal issues involved in investigative journalism, e. g. in the run‑​up to publication. Our lawyers have a deep understanding not only of the legal aspects, but also of the journalistic and editorial aspects and constantly strive to protect your interests.

We take pride in our many years of practical experience before the press chambers of the regional courts and the press senates of the higher regional courts, enabling us to assess the chances of success of legal steps and thus protect our clients' rights quickly and effectively. For us, legal disputes on press law are not an end in themselves. However, they can be an effective component of an overall strategy. We decide in close consultation with our clients whether this is the case – from case to case, with a cool head and oriented to the client’s individual situation.

In the area of public media law, the regulation of infrastructure and content in private broadcasting as well as constitutional issues in public broadcasting are some of the key areas of our expertise. We advise and represent broadcasting companies and state media authorities in all areas of media regulation – from frequency allocation to questions of the protection of minors. A further focus is the enforcement and defence of rights of information and access to information.

Press law – Freedom of speech

  • Injunctive relief
  • Counterstatement claims
  • Claims for rectification
  • Indemnity and
  • Compensation claims

Press law – Crisis management

  • Preparation for the crisis situation
  • Advice and representation in situations of crisis and conflict

Broadcasting law

  • Access to transmission capacities
  • Content regulation
  • Protection of minors
  • Subsidies and grants
  • European law

Right of access to information

  • Enforcement and defence of information rights

Media antitrust law and media concentration law

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Presse und Medien [de]

Presse und Medien [de]