Regulated Industries

Like almost no other law firm, we have been advising the regulated industries on all regulatory matters since the founding of the Federal Network Agency.

Decades of regulatory expertise enable us to cover the entire range of regulatory topics, from unbundling to highly complex issues of access and fee regulation. We provide comprehensive legal support to clients in proceedings before public authorities, the administrative and civil courts, right up to the Federal Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice. The team is highly experienced in the evaluation of business relationships and the calculation of user fees. We also have a successful track record of dealing with issues concerning sectoral exemptions from regulatory obligations.

Our clients are infrastructure managers for the sectors 

  • telecommunications and postal services,
  • energy and
  • railways

And we also advise companies affected by regulatory issues outside the infrastructure business, such as autoproducers and companies in the field of renewable energies.

Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise and our ability to get to the core of the specific problem rapidly and effectively. We work in highly efficient teams that quickly identify key points and solve them. One of our competitive advantages is the fact that we can interlink collaboration across locations and can address issues directly to the headquarters of the Federal Government, the Federal Network Agency – together with the Federal Cartel Office – and the European Commission.

We are THE experts on regulatory law. Contact us.

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Dr Stephan Gerstner

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Simone Lünenbürger
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Dr Simone Lünenbürger

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