Environmental and planning law

Environmental law – an indispensable area of law in almost all planning and authorisation decisions

The importance of environmental law in spatial planning and authorisation decisions cannot be overstated. This does not only apply to large‑​scale infrastructure projects and industrial plants. Planning and authorisation procedures for larger housing projects or recreational facilities regularly involve issues of environmental law. With ever‑​changing EU and national law requirements, the legal complexity of cases has become more and more challenging. Likewise, the right to bring collective action is becoming increasingly important and equally necessitates diligent advice and legal assistance to bring planning and authorisation procedures to a legally binding conclusion. For decades we have been advising and representing project developers and planning and approval authorities in environmental matters and related areas of law, such as the law on the provision of environmental information. We have an extensive track record of representing our clients in legal proceedings before all types of court, including the European Court of Justice. With their deep understanding of the emerging relevant issues, which they have acquired over the years, our lawyers consistently provide legal advice of the highest quality.

Our practice areas (selection)

  • Planning approval procedures for infrastructure projects in the field of traffic and traffic engineering (ports, roads, railways, airfields and waterways),
  • Mining and other mineral depletion,
  • Energy industry, in particular pipeline projects, power plants, renewable energies,
  • Air control approval procedures, in particular for industrial plants,
  • Urban land‑​use planning and building permission procedures for environmental projects,
  • Law on the provision of environmental information,
  • Representation in legal proceedings especially for project developers and approval authorities.

Many of our projects often start with drafting planning and application documents, including environmental reports. To provide a smooth and efficient process, we work in close cooperation with planning offices and experts from the various fields of environmental law.


Our clients consist of companies from almost all sectors involved in the planning and implementation of environmentally relevant projects, and the planning and approval authorities responsible for such projects.

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Umwelt- und Planungsrecht [de]

Umwelt- und Planungsrecht [de]