Public commercial law

Approvals, authorisations, regulatory requirements, regulatory monitoring: Taking an active part in economic life is legally complex and contains many pitfalls.

We take pride in protecting our clients from any legal compliance risks under public law. As prudent advisors and specialists on the full range of public law, we advise and represent com‑​panies and authorities in all areas of public commercial law. We combine scientific depth with a high degree of creativity to provide you with pragmatic and efficient solutions. We boast an excellent reputation due to our combination of outstanding legal expertise, sound market knowledge and experience in regulatory matters.

Our lawyers are seasoned and reliable experts who support our clients from the planning phase through the approval phase to the implementation phase. In the case of court proceedings, clients benefit from our years of experience in litigation before all European and national courts. Clients can be assured of a stringent and effective pursuit of their legal interests which is just as important to as fair dealings with our counterparts.

We are a trustworthy partner in public commercial law. Contact us.

Areas of focus include:

  • Taxes
  • Administrative law
  • Public institutions
  • Grants
  • Foreign trade
  • Construction products
  • Commercial law
  • Gaming
  • Housing laws
  • Food and consumer goods
  • Public construction
  • Biotechnology and genetic engineering
  • Private schools and private universities
  • State liability
  • Technical safety


We are trusted by well‑​known major companies as well as by medium‑​sized companies and private individuals. The public sector and public enterprises also rely on our expertise.

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