Church institutions and religious communities

We advise and act as counsel for religious communities of different denominations and church institutions on a broad scale, both with regard to their business affairs and in connection with legal problems that they face. Our clients include national and international associations and religious communities as well as individual religious communities, including a considerable number of church institutions in connection with their social activities and efforts to preserve national monuments.

Our work includes:

  • Legal advice in the area of association and corporate law for non‑​profit organisations in the area of religious communities
  • Legal advice in the field of labour law taking into account the special aspects of church labour law
  • Legal advice on restructuring, purchase and sale of church hospitals and nursing homes
  • Constitutional questions involving the relationship between state and church
  • Legal advice and expert opinions on complex legal issues
  • Acting as legal counsel before civil and administrative courts
  • Legal advice and acting as counsel with regard to law governing media and freedom of expression
  • Legal advice on specific issues involving church hospitals and nursing homes, especially law governing non‑​profit organisations

A special focus in recent years has also been on providing comprehensive legal advice in connection with investigations in connection with the sexual abuse scandal in the domain of the church.

Our excellent and trusting relationship with clients from the area of church institutions and religious communities is also due to our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of structures and religious‑​political contexts. In addition to our professional expertise, clients also benefit from our extensive experience in the political and policy‑​formulation sphere.

We are a potent and effective partner for church institutions and religious communities. Just get in touch with us.

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