municipal law

We are specialised on the law of independent public corporations, institutions and foundations, in particular municipal law, university law and savings bank law.

Our advisory and forensic activities cover the full spectrum of legal issues relating to the internal organisation and external relations of federal and state legal entities governed by public law, including public legal entities formed in the social insurance system.

Areas of focus include:

  • Education, restructuring, fusion,
  • Organizational law, municipal constitutional disputes, court proceedings between governmental bodies (Organstreitverfahren), review of elections and election appeal proceedings,
  • Commercial activities, also through participation in enterprises,
  • Budget law, state financial allocations (e. g. through municipal financing laws), law governing the financing of public institutions run by third parties (e. g. day‑​care centres),
  • Legal and state supervision, state liability and recourse,
  • Administrative fees and contributions (in particular municipal levies)


Our client structure is diverse. Our clients include public administrations, public as well as other enterprises, welfare institutions, and individual citizens.

lawyers in municipal law