Financial Institutions

One of our key practice areas is advising and representing public‑​sector credit institutions.

Our firm and its dedicated team of legal specialists has been advising savings banks, savings banks associations, public banks, and insurance companies as well as their owners for many years on high‑​profile, politically and economically significant matters at national and European level. We also work with representative organisations of public banks at EU, federal, and state level.

Our banking and finances team offers integrated advice on all aspects of:

  • Restructuring and mergers,
  • Transfers of ownership, 
  • Regulatory proceedings,
  • State aid and Antitrust law,
  • Press law,
  • Regulatory issues and
  • Staff affairs and regulations.

We take pride in our lawyers’ comprehensive expertise and in‑​depth knowledge that enables us to offer full service at the highest level, be it in the preparation of expert opinions, when conducting litigation in all courts – including constitutional courts and Union courts –, or negotiations on your behalf. What particularly sets us apart is our extensive experience in dealing with the relevant authorities, bodies and decision‑​makers.

We are a strong partner in the area of public banking, finances, and insurance companies. Contact us.

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