Retail and Consumer Goods

We specialise in advising retail and distribution companies.

Digitalisation has fundamentally changed commercial channels and distribution mechanisms. Our lawyers have years of experience in helping clients enforce their rights in the area of commercial and distribution law, both at national and international level.

We advise and represent large and medium‑​sized domestic and foreign companies in the food and non‑​food sector. Our services include

  • drafting and negotiating commercial contracts,
  • drafting and negotiating and processing agency and distributor contracts,
  • drafting standard terms and conditions,
  • legal support for online shops,
  • consumer protection law,
  • extrajudicial and judicial litigation.

We closely monitor technical developments that affect trade and distribution. This gives us cutting‑​edge technical expertise. We are our clients’ trusted partners thanks to our decades of litigation experience before national courts and commercial arbitration tribunals and our proven expertise in the area of retail and consumer goods.

For a competent partner in trade and distribution law contact us.

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Peter-Andreas Brand
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Prof Dr Peter‑​Andreas Brand

Leipziger Platz 3
10117 Berlin
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F +49 30 885665‐99

4 More London Riverside
London, SE1 2AU
T +44 20 77882555

Andreas Okonek
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Andreas Okonek

Willy‑​Brandt‑​Allee 11
53113 Bonn
T +49 228 72625‐130
F +49 228 72625‐99