Public procurement

Public procurement law is a dynamic and demanding field of law. The public sector, its equity holdings and contractual partners regularly face very special economic and political challenges when they engage in projects. We help them master these challenges.

Our lawyers combine many years of practical experience with sound scientific knowledge from their work as lecturers, teachers and authors of specialist articles. Our services are pragmatic and efficient. Our work is interdisciplinary. This concerns for example:

  • German grants and European state aid
  • Public budget
  • Pricing (VO PR 30/53)
  • Data protection
  • Public contracts

Our areas of focus:

We advise and represent clients in connection with public procurement procedures, competitive procedures and matters relevant to public procurement law. Our activities cover a wide range of industries and issues:

  • Support in structuring and conducting award procedures and competitions of any size (conception, preparation of documents and drafts, question‑​answer catalogues, evaluation of offers and requests to participate)
  • (Partial) privatisation of public enterprises
  • PPP models (rental models for schools, operator models for car parks, swimming pools and other public facilities)
  • Remunicipalisation
  • In‑​house transactions
  • Inter‑​communal and other domestic cooperation
  • Real estate sales, urban development contracts and agreements on construction obligations
  • Concessions
  • Representation in public procurement complaint and review proceedings
  • Recovery of subsidies
  • Damages for possible breaches of public procurement law


Our clients are public authorities as well as domestic and foreign companies in all areas of public procurement. We support our clients throughout the entire procurement process, whether on the side of the authority or on the side of the bidding company.

  • Major projects in the health sector (SGB V)
  • DB Regio and subsidiaries for SPNV awards, including review procedures, including procedures relating to SPNV contracts
  • BImA for real estate sales, urban development contracts and agreements on construction obligations
  • Strabag in various procurement procedures,
  • Municipal IT company as client in procurement procedures,
  • Project management and planning services (e. g. a theatre in NRW, a palace in Baden‑Württemberg, a railway depot in Saxony‑​Anhalt)
  • Procurement of construction and project management services for numerous federal buildings in government and parliamentary districts
  • Various large construction companies in tendering procedures for major contracts (e. g. airport construction, underground railway construction)
  • Cities and municipalities in swimming pool and school projects, for providers of labour market services (e. g. qualification courses)
  • Construction concessions for motorway construction (e. g. Warnow Tunnel in Rostock and Trave crossing in Lübeck)
  • Waste, water, sewage
  • Employment (SGB Ⅱ and SGB Ⅲ)
  • Financial services

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Vergaberecht [de]