State Aid

State financial measures – An area requiring a high level of expertise and experience in:

  • Identifying and analysing state aid
  • Developing state‑​aid compliant solutions and strategies tailored to the unique case
  • Assessing recovery risks
  • Negotiating with the responsible federal ministries and/​or the Commission
  • Conducting proceedings before the European Commission, the Union courts and national courts

Capital contributions, privatisation, re‑​municipalisation, cost‑​effective state services, tax concessions – our lawyers are seasoned experts in identifying opportunities for potential state aid in countless and highly diverse cases. What particularly sets us apart is the ability to develop strategies and solutions for state financing measures in compliance with state aid law. One particular focus of our services is advising on so‑​called services of general economic interest, which are increasingly playing a role beyond traditional services of general interest. With our lawyers’ extensive experience in counselling, their advice is tailored to our clients’ specific needs, providing pragmatic solutions in outlines, discussion papers or expert opinions that meet our high scientific standards.

We represent clients in review proceedings before the European Commission, before EU courts and national courts on the national effects of State aid law (“private enforcement”). Our lawyers are well acquainted with the Directorates‑​General of the European Commission responsible for State aid control and with the relevant federal and state ministries at national level.

Our clients consist of federal and state ministries, municipalities and public corporations as well as associations, public companies and banks. We provide our services on both sides of the spectrum, both to recipients and to donors of state aid. And we support third parties whose interests are affected by a subsidy.

Our long‑​standing experience and expertise in state aid law are at your disposal. Contact us.

Practice areas (selection)

  • Environmental and forestry policy (financing) measures
  • Research, development and innovation
  • Transport (rail, air, inland waterways and maritime transport)
  • Services of general economic interest (in particular at the interface with non‑​economic sectors)
  • Privatisation
  • Remunicipalisation
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure measure financing
  • Education and training
  • Public broadcasting
  • Financial sector
  • Aid for SMEs
  • Regional aids
  • EU structural funds
  • Rescue and restructuring
  • Venture capital
  • Telecommunications
  • Postal sector / postal services
  • Coal and steel

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State Aid

State Aid