Digitisation, data protection, and AI

Digitisation, AI, data‑​based innovation and e‑​government projects – we can support you in ensuring you handle data in line with all relevant laws.

Regulation of digitisation is trending in an ever more complex direction: data protection law, commercial data law, regulation of the digital economy, cyber security law, and law governing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) – in all areas, the implications of digital projects and processes need to be analysed from the perspective of applicable laws. Risks in the guise of regulatory proceedings, fines, lawsuits, and crises are on the rise as the pace of technological development picks up, while the European legislator is establishing additional legal frameworks. This raises a number of questions: Can planned innovations be carried out in a lawful manner? What is the proper way to react to potential breaches of data protection rules? What are the elements needed to ensure good data protection compliance? We firmly believe that well‑​reasoned legal advice and solid, level‑​headed legal representation produce positive results. Our department works closely together with other Redeker colleagues specialised in neighbouring fields (compliance, IT law, criminal law, press and media law in the context of crisis situations) – another major advantage for you.

Our fields of practice and legal advice

  • Planning and implementation of digitised business models and processes
  • Advising data protection officers of companies and authorities as well as legal departments
  • Procedures involving data protection supervisory authorities
  • Proceedings before all national and European courts
  • Legal representation in administrative offence and criminal law proceedings regarding data protection and digitisation law


Companies, institutions, start‑​ups, associations as well as federal and Länder government authorities – a wide variety of clients entrust us with all kinds of matters involving German and European data protection and digitisation law. We have represented our clients in precedent‑​setting court proceedings – including before the Court of Justice of the European Union. We work as a tightly meshed team, supporting the launch of new business models, process digitisation and e‑​government projects, audits of entire corporate groups as well as crisis‑​response. Ten lawyers along with paralegals closely collaborate with one another in our law firm's different offices.

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Digitalisierung und Daten [de]

Digitalisierung und Daten [de]