Family and succession law

Marriage, succession, divorce, death: there are numerous occasions when life and assets planning are put to the test.

Few other areas in law are as emotionally and psychologically charged as family and succession law. When life throws its punches, you need a prudent advisor with extensive legal expertise. Our lawyers are specialised in family law and the law of succession and have the necessary soft and hard skills to represent your interests even in exceptional circumstances: with empathy, foresight and the necessary professional and life experience.

For some clients, the “optimal outcome” is defined in monetary terms. For others, a quick settlement is the first and foremost priority. We tailor our solutions to the client’s goals and needs and work with them to achieve the optimal outcome. Clients benefit from our years of experience in and out of court. We firmly believe: the ability to make the rights provisions for the future depends on the ability to understand the chances and risks involved in legal proceedings.

We are your trusted partner for family and succession law. Contact us.

Our practice areas (selection)


  • Marriage contracts and matrimonial property law
  • Divorce and divorce settlement (e. g. equalisation of accrued gains and maintenance, alimony, custody and access)
  • Registered partnerships
  • Non‑​marital partnerships
  • Jus sanguinis and adoption
  • Disavowal actions
  • Tax arrangement in the family
  • Healthcare proxies
  • Lasting powers of attorney

Inheritance and succession

  • Drafting of wills and inheritance contracts
  • Succession planning and structuring (incl. tax law)
  • Inheritance settlement, e. g. among co‑​heirs or heirs and legatees
  • Compulsory portions and augmentation issues
  • Defending or challenging testamentary dispositions: formal issues, questions relating to testamentary and legal capacity, disinheritance and disqualification, voidance
  • Execution of wills: Advising executors and heirs
  • Anticipated succession, gifts and advice on protecting the benefactor
  • Anticipated Succession, gifts and advice to secure the donor
  • Succession planning for “patchwork families”
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Inheritance tax return
  • Estate sale
  • Digital estate
  • Foundation law


Private individuals, medium‑​sized companies, foundations, associations and prominent personalities place their trust in us. Our clients attach particular importance to the fact that family disputes are not conducted in the light of the public. We therefore refrain from naming reference clients.

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Private Clients [de]

Private Clients [de]