Dr Alexander Schüßler



Studied law in Bonn. Trainee lawyer with Bonn district court with station among others with the European commission and a Cologne/Düsseldorf corporate law firm. 2012 first State examination, 2017 second State examination. 2013‐2017 doctoral thesis with Prof Dr Wulf‐Henning Roth on a European and international private law topic.

Joined the firm in 2017.


Private construction law, legal advice during construction, litigation, Private International Law.

Awarded as “Law Firm of the Year 2022 in Construction Law” by Handelsblatt/​Best Lawyers. Listed by Wirtschaftswoche as “Top Lawyers in Construction Law (2024)" and “Law Firm of the Year in Construction Law (2024)".

Member of the Bonner AnwaltVerein and the Deutscher AnwaltVerein e. V., Member of the ARGE Bau- und Immobilienrecht in the Deutscher Anwaltverein

Regular lectures and seminars in the field of construction and architectural law.

Construction‑​related legal advice and litigation in the context of various construction and infrastructure projects, in the Construction, as well as in disputes with international and insurance insurance law; secondment for several months in the legal department of a chemical chemical industry; advice and representation in the dismantling of nuclear facilities Plants.


Publications on construction law and private international law.



German, English

Dr Alexander Schüßler

Dr Alexander Schüßler
specialist attorney for construction and architectural law

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