Hartmut Scheidmann


Born in Berlin in 1959. Trained as industrial business administrator. Studied law in Berlin and Freiburg. 1986 first State examination, 1989 second State examination. Consultant at the Presidential Office of the Free University of Berlin, 1989 to 1991. Assessor in the Legal Department of the Treuhandanstalt Berlin 1991 to 1994, lawyer in Berlin since 1994, at the same time advisory lawyer for the Legal Department at the Bundesanstalt für vereinigungsbedingte Sonderaufgaben.

Joined the firm in 1999.


Environmental law (especially substance and product law, soil contamination law, waste law and emissions control law), REACH, public commercial law, aviation law, law governing publicly‐owned assets (including art restitution), law on the restitution of property in the context of German reunification, privatisations, State liability law.

Member of the Working Group for Administrative Law in the German Bar Association, as well as the Society for Environmental Law. Member of the BDI panel for REACH law.


Publications: Annotations, articles and recitations about Restitution Law in the context of German reunification, a variety of publications about environmental law (law on chemicals, emissions control and air traffic), co‐editor of “REACH Navigator” (Bundesanzeiger Verlag).



German, English

Hartmut Scheidmann

Hartmut Scheidmann

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