Dr Jakob Wulff



Studied law in Bonn. 1996 first State examination, 2000 second State examination. 1999‐2000 research assistant with the firm (wills & probate dept.). 1999 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Lutter, Bonn.

Joined the firm in 2001.


Corporate law, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations, company law.

Listet by Best Lawyers/​Handelsblatt in “Germany's best lawyers” in mergers & acquisitions and corporate law.

Lecturer on civil law, commercial and corporate law in the master's course on construction law during the life cycle of buildings at the technical college of Münster.

Legal advice on corporate law for companies and associations (articles of association, amendment and interpretation of articles of association, liability of executive bodies, etc.). Legal advice on corporate law and acting as counsel for shareholders (shareholders' meetings, shareholder disputes, information claims, etc.). Legal advice to support transactions for small and medium‑​scale companies involving the acquisition/​divestiture of companies. Legal advice to support transactions for savings banks and their owners in connection with savings bank mergers. Legal advice on commercial contracts (supply agreements, purchase agreements, cooperation agreements) in particular in the automotive and pharmaceuticals sectors.


Publication on corporate law.



German, English

* member of the partnership with limited professional liability

Dr Jakob Wulff

Dr Jakob Wulff

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