Tobias Ody

associate partner¹


Studied law in Berlin. 2011 first State examination, 2015 second State examination. Worked with a member of the Bundestag for several years during studies. Research assistant at a major international law firm 2011‐2013.

Joined the firm in 2015.


Public commercial law, esp. gambling law, constitutional and European law.

Member of the German association for legislation.

Providing legal advice and acting as counsel of gambling providers in successful authorisation/ toleration procedures in Bavaria, Rhineland‑​Palatinate, and Schleswig‑​Holstein. Acting as counsel for a Berlin‑​based start‑​up company providing games of skill – as opposed to games of chance – on the Internet. Providing legal advice and acting as counsel for sports betting agents in successful building permit proceedings.


German, English

¹ not a member of the partnership with limited professional liability

Tobias Ody

Tobias Ody

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