Ulrich Birnkraut



Trainee‐programme at Insurance Company in Düsseldorf until 1983. Studied law in Cologne. 1988 first State examination, 1992 second State examination. Lawyer in Cologne 1992 to 1994. During this time lecturer at the Academy for Administration and Economics in Cologne.

Joined the firm in 1994.


Private construction law, property law, law governing services rendered by real estate agents, law governing services rendered by architects, general civil law.

Listed by Best Lawyers/​Handelsblatt in “Germany's best lawyers” in real estate law since 2021 and award as “Law Firm of the Year 2022 in Construction Law”. Listed by Wirtschaftswoche as “Top Lawyers in Construction Law (2024)" and “Law Firm of the Year in Construction Law (2024)".

Member of the German Building Law Association and the Working Group for Building and Real Estate Law in the German Bar Association. Member of ARGE Building Law—working group for construction and architectural law in the German Bar Association.

Ongoing legal advice and acting as counsel for an industrial enterprise in its capacity as contractor in a large infrastructure project (contract volume > € 100m); ongoing legal advice and acting as counsel for an industrial enterprise on in its capacity as contracting party in a plant project (project volume > € 100m); ongoing legal adviceand acting as counsel for a contracting public authority in connection with an office building (project volume > € 250m);

Acting as counsel for a contractor in a series of litigation proceedings (total amount at stake approx. € 20m)


Several publications.



German, English

* member of the partnership with limited professional liability

Ulrich Birnkraut

Ulrich Birnkraut

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