Are you an individualist
and team player?

Why you should choose us and not the others …

… because we apply high standards not only to you but also to ourselves.
… because we provide high‐quality and highly esteemed legal services.
… because we feel committed to educating the next generation of lawyers.
… because we want to train you to become an excellent lawyer within a short period of time.
… because we are able to build on a long tradition and at the same time are open to innovation.
… because we offer a pleasant working environment.

What do we expect?

We are looking for individualists who are capable of dealing sensitively with the wishes and demands of our clients and are nonetheless team‐players. You should be able to fit into our team.

Our junior lawyers have direct contact with clients, authorities and the courts from the start. For this reason, we need people who are capable of communicating attentively with clients and committed to loyalty: we have no need for back‐room lawyers.

Further requirements

  • A strong sense of identification with the legal profession
  • The ability to make things happen
  • The ability to be enthusiastic about and to enjoy your work on a day‐to‐day basis
  • An interest in scientific work
  • Above‐average legal qualifications
  • Post‐doctoral studies are a plus
  • Proficiency in foreign languages

What do we offer?

As a large corporate law firm, we provide legal advice to clients of corresponding size and are able to offer you the possibility of working on such projects on your own. We encourage our lawyers to publish scientific essays and you might very well see your name on our letterhead soon after a short trial period. You may also be interested in a temporary secondment to our Brussels office.

You will be able to develop and grow in a collegial and friendly working environment. The office’s running club and football team “FC Redeker 1929” offer a chance to blow off steam in a sporting context. In addition, we organise various office trips. It is possible to exchange views in a collegial manner at the daily Evening Forum, the monthly Wednesday Forum and our Associates Evenings.


  • Training in a two‐mentor system
  • Early external contact and contact with clients
  • Close involvement in our work from the start
  • Ongoing professional training, both internally and externally (with the option of structuring such training according to individual needs)
  • Membership of specialist lawyers’ associations
  • Regular feedback meetings


  • nomnated: Azur Awards education and training


Redeker Sellner Dahs
Dr Markus Dierksmeier
Willy‐Brandt‐Allee 11
53113 Bonn

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Dr Markus Dierksmeier

Redeker Sellner Dahs
Dr Ulrich Karpenstein
Leipziger Platz 3
10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 885665‐142
Fax: +49 30 885665‐99


Dr Ulrich Karpenstein

Redeker Sellner Dahs
Dr Andreas Rosenfeld
172, Av. de Cortenbergh
1000 Brussels

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Dr Andreas Rosenfeld