JUVE Awards 2007
Public Commercial Law

Law Firm of the Year for Public Commercial Law Practice

Conferring the award on the law firm of Redeker Sellner Dahs, Juve stated (translated by the law firm):

“The future of public‐law banks, the lottery monopoly, and the regulation of electricity and natural gas sectors—these are only a few of the hot topics in the field of public law, and Redeker lawyers are at the forefront of all of them. For decades, the firm's hallmark has been its top‐notch advice in public commercial law. Not every law firm, however, would have been able to capitalise on its traditional strengths and manage repeatedly to anticipate the direction in which these areas of the law would move.

Last year, even Redeker's competitors had to acknowledge the firm's impressive ability to translate its experience and breadth of expertise in the field of regulated industries to new sectors. Redeker successfully built on its telecommunications law expertise to enter the energy sector as another practice area, and it did so in a much more focused way than its competitors. Two years ago, the firm hired a young Freshfields lawyer to develop its competition law practice, a move that proved prescient as it laid the foundations for the firm's rapid move into the market. The firm's regulatory clients already include E.ON, among others.

Cross‐disciplinary working groups deployed in such areas as the firm's representation of FLUXX in gaming law and its advisory work for public banks are bundled ever more closely with other specialist departments, such as Dr Jürgen Lüders, vBP's corporate team. One recent example of this was the firm's work on the sale of SachsenLB; another example is the health care sector, including privatisation projects.

The firm's highly acclaimed senior partners, Prof Dr Konrad Redeker † and Dr Dieter Sellner, can be justifiably proud of what they have achieved—they have assembled a new generation of first‐class administrative lawyers with well‐deserved reputations: Prof Dr Olaf Reidt is renowned for his zoning expertise on large development projects, Dr Kay Artur Pape for his excellence in the field of environmental law […] It will now be up to them to cultivate the next generation of outstanding lawyers.”