JUVE Awards 2014

Law Firm of the Year in Economic Criminal Law

The Juve‐Verlag legal publishing company, publisher of the annual handbook titled “Wirtschaftskanzleien” [Commercial firms], selected the Law Firms of the Year 2014 in various areas of the law on 23 October 2014.

Redeker Sellner Dahs was awarded as Law Firm of the Year in economic criminal law. The publishing company stated the following reasons (translated by the law firm):

“They are back. For a long time Redeker Sellner Dahs, who once had an outstanding reputation in criminal law, have struggled for succession. The two partners Prof Dr Heiko Lesch and Prof Dr Bernd Müssig, have been considered professionally outstanding for a long time, but the market feedback remained ambivalent.

Juridically outstanding, but too scientific, lacking bite, that was the tenor. The breakthrough occurred now, of all times, with the proceedings against Uriel Sharef, the only former Siemens member of the Board accused. Even competitors paid respect to the firm for the thoroughness with which the lawyers pulled the proceedings through. Critics quickly fell silent. Also, client representation in the Sal.‐Oppenheimer complex contributed to this as well as – with some limitations – the proceedings against former Federal President Christian Wulff, the latter a mandate that, at the same time, resulted from cooperation with the firm’s own media law practice. This shows that the firm relies on the right strategy, which is to focus on individual defence. The increase in main trials plays into the hands of the Redeker team.

But they put on a coronet with a mandate of different character, namely when mandated by Debeka, who are currently under investigation for their data gathering by the Koblenz prosecution office. This could be the entry into compliance counselling.”

Nominated in Media Law

Once again the firm was nominated in media law, with the following explanation (translated by the law firm):

“This team is in permanent action. In their focus area of media regulation the ambitious experts around Gernot Lehr were missing in hardly any relevant proceedings. Be it for the ZDF in the abstract review of statute of the ZDF state contract, be it for Arte regarding cable feeding fees, or for ARD/NDR in the proceedings regarding the Tagesschau app now pending before the Federal Court: The small unit has surpassed itself.

Add the prominent Debeka mandate, in which the firm not only contributed its press law experience, but has settled down also in data protection. Beyond that, it represents the consistent internal use of synergies – in this case with its criminal law lawyers. Having once strongly relied on Lehr, the firm, by appointing the already recognized Dr Christian Mensching as salary partner a few years ago has now obtained another nomination that tops the successful year off.”

  • JUVE Awards 2014 - Law Firm of the Year in Commercial Criminal Law