We advise and act as counsel for business enterprises, associations and organisations in matters involving compliance. Compliance issues come up in all areas of business nowadays (e.g. environment, product safety, occupational health and safety, anti‐trust law, banking and insurance supervision and data privacy). We will put together the right team of specialised attorneys geared to your needs in the particular case and if need be work with external specialists (IT Forensic, eDiscovery, experts in the meaning of § 29a of the Federal Immissions Control Act (BImSchG), PR Consultants). We assume the task of coordinating witness counsel and defence teams in criminal and administrative offense procedures.

Our fields of advice include

  • Launch, review and optimisation of compliance systems (in accordance with TÜV TR CMS 101:2015 and TR CMS 100:2015/DIN EN ISO 19600)
  • Advice in compliance cases
  • Support and acting as counsel in all phases of administrative, anti‐trust, criminal and administrative offense procedures
  • Execution of internal investigations in compliance cases
  • Advice with regard to recourse claims in the follow‐up to compliance cases
  • Training sessions and workshops for board members, managers and staff
  • Assistance in the area of media law to protect against unallowed reporting.


In the compliance area, we provide legal advice and act as counsel for large and medium‐scale enterprises, banks, insurance companies and company and business associations. Another focal area of our work is advising public‐sector institutions.