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Studied law in Bochum and Munich. 1989 first State examination, 1992 second State examination. 1990 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Grawert, Bochum. Research assistant for Public Law and European Law at the University of Bochum with Prof Dr Jarass with focal point of work in the area of constitutional and environmental law, 1990‐1992.

Joined the firm in 1992.


Construction and sectoral planning law (especially aviation, roads, waterways, utility services, disposal and other special facilities), emissions control law (in particular approval procedures for industrial plants), expropriation and compensation law, public procurement law, energy law.

Recognized by Juve as “leading lawyer in environmental and planning law”, by Handelsblatt/​Best Lawyers as “Lawyer of the year” 2018, “Lawyer of the year” 2020 and “Lawyer of the year” 2024 in Environmental Law Berlin, as well as “Lawyer of the year” 2013 and “Lawyer of the year” 2016 in Public Law Berlin (listed since 2009) and since 2017 listed in Construction and Real Estate Law, in Environmental Law and in Public Construction and Planning Law, since 2020 in Public Private Partnerships. Recognized by Chambers Europe 2013, 2019 and 2021 and 2022 in Public Law – Germany. Recognized by Wirtschaftswoche as “Top Lawyer in Public Procurement Law” (2014), as “Top Lawyer in Environmental and Construction Planning Law” (since 2020) and in the “Legal All Stars” ranking in Environmental and Construction Planning Law (2022, 2023, 2024). Recognized by Legal 500 as a “Leading Name” in Environmental and Planning Law and recommended in Industry Focus/​Energy (2015‑2018), in Public Law/​Environmental and Planning Law and in Public Law/​Public Procurement Law.

Scientific consultant for the journal Baurecht (BauR). Member of the editorial board of Zeitschrift für Umwelt‐ und Planungsrecht (UPR), employee/​collaborator for the journal Vergaberecht (VergabeR). Member of the advisory committee of the Federal Ministry for Traffic, Construction and Housing on the amendment of the German construction code (Baugesetzbuch), co‑​work on expert consultations to prepare for amendment of the German Construction Code appointed by the Federal Ministry for Traffic, Construction and Housing (“Berlin Consultations”), member of the Innovation Forum to Expedite Planning appointed by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in 2016 as well as the Construction Land Commission appointed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, member of the Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Law at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Board member of the German Society for Construction Law.

Honorary professor at Humboldt University Berlin on administrative law.

Ongoing advice on energy industry projects such as power plants, LNG terminals (Stade), electricity transmission grids (e. g. SüdLink, Ultranet, Hansa Power Bridge) and gas (e. g. EUGAL), distribution grids (e. g. district heating grid Berlin), hydrogen electrolysis plants (e. g. Lingen, Voerde, Rostock, Stade), wind farms, commercial and industrial settlements (e. g. various industrial and chemical parks), infrastructure projects such as highways, airports, railroads and federal waterways (e. g. BER airport, Elbe deepening), urban development projects, etc. from the housing sector and other sectors. including urban development measures (e. g. Dietenbach/​Freiburg, Neue Mitte Altona, Pankower Tor Berlin, Oberbillwerder Hamburg), special real estate (e. g. Refurbishment of the Olympic Stadium Berlin, new Bundesliga stadium Freiburg, motor racing and test tracks, large‑​scale retail), procurement law advice on various projects (e. g. RheinMain Congress Center Wiesbaden, tender for serial construction of the GdW, outdoor advertising rights of the state of Berlin, public transport services).


Numerous publications and lectures, in particular on commercial administrative law, public building law, specialist planning law, immission control law and public procurement law; including Reidt/​Wysk, Kommentar zum Luftverkehrsgesetz (from 12th supplementary edition 2009), Bracher/​Reidt/​Schiller, Bauplanungsrecht, 9th ed. 2022. Battis/​Krautzberger/Löhr (edited by Battis/​Mitschang/​Reidt), Baugesetzbuch, 16th ed. 2024, Sellner/​Reidt/​Ohms, Immissionsschutzrecht und Industrieanlagen, 3rd ed. 2006, Reidt/​Stickler/​Glahs, Vergaberecht, 5th ed. 2024, co‑​author in Landmann/​Rohmer, Umweltrecht (§ 16 BImSchG, 18. BImSchV, UIG, Fluglärmgesetz).


¹ member of the partnership with limited professional liability

Prof Dr Olaf Reidt

Prof Dr Olaf Reidt
specialist attorney for administrative law

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