Redeker Sellner Dahs raises starting salaries

Bonn, 23 February 2022. The Redeker Sellner Dahs law firm is boosting the starting salary for associates to EUR 95,000 per year beginning 1 March 2022. Salaries and bonuses for further career stages are also being increased.

The rise in salaries is another component in the Redeker Sellner Dahs career model. In addition to transparent and dynamic career stages, the model supports and fosters individual careers through the Redeker Campus training programme.

“For excellently trained young lawyers, salaries are of course also a factor when choosing their future employer, as are further training opportunities and career prospects. By raising salaries, we are seeking to create further incentives for top graduates to choose Redeker,” says Andreas Okonek, Chairman of the Management Committee.

As in the past, the focus in the entry phase for young lawyers is on training and gaining experience in working at the highest levels. “We offer young colleagues clear prospects of developing into some of the top legal minds in their fields of practice. To this end, it is crucial to work independently on cutting‑​edge cases right from the very beginning,” adds Dr Michael Winkelmüller, member of the Management Committee and in charge of Recruiting & Human Resources. “As an attractive employer, we want to offer young lawyers a triad of performance‑​based remuneration, excellent training and attractive prospects for promotion,” is how Okonek sums up the firm's objectives. Redeker Sellner Dahs has appointed ten partners from its own ranks over the past five years.

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