Prof Dr Alexander Schink

Senior Counsel


Born in Kempen in 1953. Studied law in Münster. 1976 first State examination, 1979 second State examination. Judge on the Münster Administrative Court, 1979‐1981. Promotion at Münster University in 1983. Mettmann district administration 1983‐1988. Head of Freiherr vom Stein Institute, 1988‐1992. Member of WDR broadcasting council, 2004‐2005. State secretary at the North Rhine‐Westfalian Ministry of the Environment.

Joined the firm in 2010.


Environmental law, planning law, conservation law, waste management law, constitutional law.

Member of the Board of the Society for Environmental Law.

Lecturer at TU Berlin and RWTH Aachen University.

Acting as legal counsel for the North‑​Rhine Westphalian road agency in an action against development consent to the renovation of motorway A1’s Rhine bridge in Leverkusen/​Cologne. Acting as legal counsel for the city of Cologne in a lawsuit over noise pollution caused by people celebrating at Brüsseler Platz. Acting as legal counsel for the Land of Hesse and the cities of Berlin and Hamburg in legal proceedings concerning updates of the air quality plan / the imposition of diesel driving bans. Expert advisor and legal support in the legislative process leading to an extension of shop opening hours on Sundays and public holidays by amendment of the North‑​Rhine Westphalian Act on Shop Opening Hours. Legal advice and acting as legal counsel for chemicals enterprises in plant approval proceedings.


Alexander Schink/​Andrea Versteyl, Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz, Kommentar, 2nd edition 2017, Alexander Schink/​Olaf Reidt/​Stephan Mitschang, Gesetz über die Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung, Umweltrechtsbehelfsgesetz, Kommentar, 2nd ed. 2023, Eckard Rehbinder/​Alexander Schink, Grundzüge des Umweltrechts, 5th ed. 2018.



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Prof Dr Alexander Schink

Prof Dr Alexander Schink

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