Bartholomäus Aengenvoort



Born in Cologne in 1974. Studied Law in Muenster. 1999 first State examination, 2001 second State examination.

Joined the firm in 2002.


Private construction and property law, law governing services rendered by architects and engineers, project development and project management, contract law.

Listed by Best Lawyers/​Handelsblatt in “Germany's best lawyers” in construction law since 2020.

Member of ARGE Building Law—Working Group for Building and Real Estate Law in the German Bar Association.

Lecturer for real estate law at the Münster University of Applied Sciences.

Many years providing advice and acting as counsel before court for the construction project „THE SQUAIRE“; drafting and negotiating contracts for the construction of a major new international research facility. Drafting and negotiating contracts for the construction of various new clinics; acting as counsel in numerous court proceedings concerning major public sector construction projects


Publications on construction law, esp. co‐author of Messerschmidt/​Niemöller/​Preussner, Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure.



German, English

Bartholomäus Aengenvoort

Bartholomäus Aengenvoort
specialist attorney for construction and architectural law

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