Dr Christian-Dietrich Bracher


Studied law in Bonn. 1979 first State examination, 1982 second State examination. 1986 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Ossenbühl, Bonn. 1980‐1981 Foreign Associate at Fried Frank Harris Shriver and Kampelman, Washington D.C., USA.

Joined the firm in 1982.


Constitutional and parliamentary law, public commercial law (especially hospital law, savings banks law, State liability law, subsidy law), higher education legislation, law regarding school organisation, public planning law, sectoral planning for roads and railways, local government law, civil servants law, law governing professional services.

Listed by Best Lawyers/​Handelsblatt in “Germany's best lawyers” in public economic law since 2020 and in health care law since 2021.

Member of the Constitutional Law Committee of the German Federal Bar Association, 1993 to 2022 also member of the Administrative Law Committee of the German Bar Association.


Publications: numerous articles in law journals on constitutional and administrative law. Co‐author of Bracher/​Reidt/​Schiller, Bauplanungsrecht, 9th ed. 2022, of the Frankfurter Kommentar zum Kartellrecht, and of Landmann/​Rohmer, Umweltrecht.



German, English

Dr Christian-Dietrich Bracher

Dr Christian-Dietrich Bracher
specialist attorney for administrative law

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