Dr Christian Eckart, LL.M. (Cornell)



Born in Herdecke in 1978. Studied law in Trier, Nice, and at the Humboldt University Berlin, supported by the German National Academic Foundation. First state examination in 2005 followed by master studies (LL.M.) at Cornell Law School, USA, 2005–2006. From 2006 until 2009 fellow at the Humboldt University DFG Research Training Group “Constitution Beyond the State”. 2010 doctorate supervised by Prof Dr Dr hc Tomuschat. 2012 second state examination in law, clerkship at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations in New York.

Joined the firm in 2012.


Public commercial law, aviation law, passenger transportation and housing law, health law, Public International and European law, constitutional law.

Advising and representing companies and authorities in the transport sector, in particular on innovative mobility concepts (ridesharing, carsharing, on‑​demand transport, UAVs, air taxis, etc.), in licensing and litigation proceedings under aviation law (including BER Airport and FRA Airport). Advising and representing providers of the sharing economy (Airbnb, CleverShuttle, etc.). Advising and representing the public sector in a large number of legal actions and compensation proceedings under infection control law as well as top institutions of the health care system.


Publications inter alia on aviation law, infection control law, environmental law and international law, including the monograph “Promises of States under International Law”, Hart Publishing 2012; author in: Grabherr/​Reidt/​Wysk, Air Traffic Law, since loose‑​leaf 22nd edition 2021; in: Schink/​Reidt/​Mitschang, UVPG, UmwRG, C.H. Beck 2018 and in: Eckart/​Winkelmüller, BeckOK Infektionsschutzrecht, C.H. Beck Verlag, 2020 (online in constant update).



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Dr Christian Eckart, LL.M. (Cornell)

Dr Christian Eckart, LL.M. (Cornell)

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